One of the issues I was exploring on my trip to Africa was the expansion of the use of our Martus software there. When we started working on Martus four years ago, we didn't look too closely at Africa. We assumed that Martus would require PCs and telecommunications that didn't exist there.

Times have changed dramatically. Cybercafes are found in quite poor areas. And, of course, there are many human rights and social justice issues in Africa. We have multiple projects going right now in Sierra Leone.

Our big news is major support for more work by Benetech in Africa, thanks to the U.S. Department of State. We're just announcing this project. State has an active program tracking the state of human rights around the world. There's more in the press release, and we will be expanding our efforts in Kenya, Nigeria, Egypt and Algeria. We are already working on the translations of Martus into Arabic and French.


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