From time to time, I recommend organizations that I believe are important. One that I am especially enthusiastic about is the Social Enterprise Alliance. SEA is the grassroots group formed by and for social enterprisers, the people who operate businesses in the social sector.

I first met this community in 2000, as I was shifting from operating a single social enterprise and getting ready to start several at Benetech. I attended the annual meeting, which was called the Gathering. Even though my technology background was completely different than everybody else at the Gathering, I felt completely at home. Here is a group of people who understand both business and social mission, and how to work them together to improve lives. I became a founding board member of the organization and continue to serve more than four years later.

If this interests you, I encourage you to join as a member and get involved. Social Enterprise Alliance Membership. Together, we are growing a movement!


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