Thursday, January 20, 2005

Disability technology is my major focus this week. BBC Radio 4 interviewed me about the international expansion possibilities of it's a 20 minute long segment about the desire to access a service in the UK.

I spent the last two days at the National Instructional Materials Accessibility Standard meetings: the U.S. has just passed a law mandating this standard in education for students with disability. The law includes setting up a repository for publishers to deposit textbooks in electronic form. is on the NIMAS Development Committee, so Janice Carter and I were able to participate in some of the debates on how to implement this new standard. Good news: the books are essentially already compliant with this standard.

Today and tomorrow are the ATIA 2005 Conference & Exhibition. This is probably the second biggest U.S. conference on assistive technology. All the big players are here, and it's where I get the chance to brainstorm with the leaders in the field over how we could be better working together to improve access.

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