Last night I attended the premiere of The New Heroes, a PBS show on social entrepreneurs that airs in one week. The event was hosted in San Jose by the Community Foundation Silicon Valley.

Robert Redford, the host of the show, was there. He really gets social entrepreneurship, which is no surprise considering he founded Sundance. Jeff Skoll also spoke: the Skoll Foundation is the major backer of the New Heroes.

The show is really great: I saw one hour out of the four that will air during the next month. The three entrepreneurs featured were my buddies David Green of Project Impact and Martin Fisher of KickStart (formerly ApproTEC) as well as someone I was delighted to meet and have dinner with afterwards, Kailash Satyarthi. Kailash rescues people (mainly children) from slavery/debt bondage/trafficking, and is promoting the Rugmark label as an indicator of no child or debt bondage labor. Each one of these entrepreneurs does incredible things, and I could go on and on. But, it would be better if you TIVO'd these shows and watched them for yourselves.

Skoll is really investing in celebrating social entrepreneurship. A big message from the SEs featured last night is that we have to get the word out that this is viable option for career and life choices, so that more people become part of the New Heroes!


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