I spent an hour today trying to write up just my list of action items from the O'Reilly Foo Camp 2005! This is where tech publisher Tim O'Reilly and his team host a weekend of camping in their empty second office building (built during the Bubble) by over 200 of the leading geeks.

The energy was great, and lots of folks were excited to talk about the social applications of technology. One of the themes I heard with interest is the rise of the technical foundation. Mozilla Foundation (the people who own FireFox) had an open board meeting which was fascinating. Not only was most of Mozilla's board there, such as Mitchell Baker(head of Mozilla Corp), Joi Ito (ICANN, Creative Commons, etc.), Mitch Kapor(Lotus, OSAF) and Reid Hoffman(LinkedIn), but Allison Randal (Perl Foundation) and Brewster Kahle (archive.org) also joined in. Collectively, we see a trend and made a commitment to engaging more: Brewster calls it sharing the guild knowledge.

I wasn't kidding about the action list: I came up with a dozen hot prospects, mainly technology people who want to get more involved with Benetech or people I want to learn more about their socially beneficial activities. There were some great creative thinkers there, and Benetech and our clients are going to be the beneficiaries of that creativity!

My thanks especially to Tim O'Reilly and Sara Winge, who pull this event together and provide the space for all this great stuff to happen.


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