Sometimes I like to update people on my travels. I've got a lot of trips planned for the next few months, and sometimes these blogs lead to people getting in touch with me about ideas for action!

Right now, I'm in Kyoto, Japan, to speak at the Science and Technology in Society forum (STS). It's an interesting and high powered group, and I'm looking forward to talking about Security and Privacy of Information.

I'll dash back to Palo Alto Tuesday night for our quarterly board meeting, and then leave Wednesday night for the NIMAS Technical Committee meeting in Dallas. This is the group charged with advising the Department of Education on the adoption of the new digital standard for electronic textbooks for students with disabilities. This will have a huge impact on students with disabilities around the U.S. and we're excited that is part of this effort.

My next trip is to Kansas City for my nephew's wedding, and a chance to speak informally at the Kauffman Foundation about technology social entrepreneurship. In early October, I'll be heading to Washington DC for a board meeting of the Social Enterprise Alliance, the group that promotes social enterprise among nonprofits, and then on to Seattle for a board meeting of RAF Technology, Inc., a tech company that Dave Ross and I founded in 1989. Of course, I'll be trying to arrange meetings with people in both Washingtons!

Later in October, I'll be traveling to Europe, hopefully visiting Amsterdam, Zurich, Barcelona and Budapest, for a combination of speaking gigs, visits and consultations. The head of our human rights program, Patrick Ball, is on a similar trip at the same time, and we're trying to coordinate our visits.

In November, I'll be speaking at a session of the Net Impact conference, and then off to Tunisia for the World Summit on the Information Society. It's my first visit to North Africa, and I'm excited about the chance to meet more of the leadership of the international disability community (especially those engaged in technology issues). On the way to Tunisia, I'm hoping to stop in London for a couple of meetings.

Early December, I'm starting to plan a trip to New York. So, it's a jam packed fall, and maybe I'll see more of the folks who read my blog!


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