Benetech & Human Rights in China

The Tech Awards yesterday were a blast. The Mercury News ran a great story and quoted Peggy Gibbs, one of our execs:
Old problems, new solutions: The Tech Museum Awards also provide a venue for many local foundations and non-profits to seek out new ideas and partners.

"One of the reasons we're here is to make sure we're continuously collaborating," said Peggy Gibbs, vice president of business development for Benetech, a Palo Alto non-profit that looks for ways technology can help solve the problems of disadvantaged communities. Benetech is a past finalist for the Tech Museum Awards.

Mr. Global X (aka someone from the Skoll Foundation) mobile blogged me while I was talking to the Human Rights in China folks, Sharon Hom and Shirley Hom, who were honored as Laureates last night.

The Tech Awards are always inspiring, and it was cool to realize that I'm already in personal touch with many of the honorees. It's great to be reminded that there have already been 124 Laureates over the past five years, and that we are not alone: we're part of an exploding field of technology serving humanity. And, as Peggy mentioned, we spent most of our time cooking up ways to collaborate with other Laureates!


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