Anti-WEF Protest in Zurich

Anti-WEF Protest in Zurich

I'm not supposed to start blogging about Davos and the World Economic Forum until Tuesday, but the WEF found me in Zurich on Saturday night. My son, Jimmy, and I were wandering through the old town to find dinner and we ran into a good-sized protest against the WEF by a couple of hundred folks in black ski masks. They stopped right in front of us (outside the Zic Zac Rock Hotel) and someone did a five minute harangue in German over a megaphone. The protesters were pretty well behaved, and I didn't see a police presence.

The protesters lit off some fireworks: first time one went off I nearly jumped out of my skin.

The main thing the protesters were doing illegal was spraypainting hammers and sickles and anti-WEF slogans. I really liked the "Dance Out WEF," but we didn't find that part of the protest.


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