Patrick Ball is our New CTO!

Benetech is all about applying values in the development of technology. I’m excited to announce the appointment of someone who lives these values as our new Chief Technical Officer, Dr. Patrick Ball! Finding the right person for CTO is one of my biggest goals this year, and it didn’t dawn on me initially that Patrick wanted to move onto a broader stage from his position as the head of Benetech’s Human Rights Program. However, it quickly became clear that this was a rare opportunity to take advantage of Patrick’s global reputation in human rights and in technology.

Patrick’s role as CTO will have strong exposure outside Benetech as well as our primary tech leadership job. It’s essential that Benetech’s public face be more than just me, and I’m excited about having someone as dynamic and smart as Patrick spreading the word about values in technology development in general, and Benetech’s mission in literacy, the environment, landmine removal and human rights in specific. I hope you all get a chance to meet Patrick soon!


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