High Tech Approaches for Building Social Enterprise:

An article of mine just appeared in the Social Enterprise Reporter, entitled High Tech Approaches for Building Social Enterprise. The SER is one of the leading publications in the social enterprise field, and I think it's now one of the membership benefits of joining the Social Enterprise Alliance. I just got back last night from an SEA board meeting in Long Beach, California, where the next annual meeting will be held. Should be a great event (April 17-19, 2007).

I'm passionate about the application of intellectual property to driving social good. This article expands on how this is not solely the province of high tech types like me. Many social organizations create valuable content, and can often reach greater mission success by leveraging that content. For example, if you have a great new method for tutoring kids, you might have a bigger impact by publicizing that method so that other people can use the improved approach. And, often this can be structured as a social enterprise.

Of course, I also try to be realistic. Going into business is not a magic wand that always works for social organizations. But, we have enough examples of good enterprises to make it worth exploring!


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