The 2007 Skoll Awards for Social Entrepreneurship

The big celebration was also in the Sheldonian: the 2007 Awards for Social Entrepreneurship. And it was exciting!

Below, I have picked a few select photos: the rest are on my Flickr page.

Salman Ahmed got the crowd pumping as before, and then we met our four rockstar presenters (well, at least one is literally a rock star, and the other three have a pretty good claim to the status): Jeff Skoll, Peter Gabriel, Sally Osberg and Muhammad Yunus.
Jeff Skoll

Peter Gabriel

Muhammad Yunus and Sally Osberg

The ten new Skoll award winners got their moment in the sun (well, the klieg lights). For social entrepreneurs (except Jeff) this is the Academy Awards, and the smiles were beaming.

I picked Dan Viederman of Verite out as a good example. Do you have any doubt we are looking at a guy who has slogged through a lot of tough stuff and is celebrating the moment with zeal?

Award ceremony


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