Visit to University of Washington

I just got back from a short jaunt to the University of Washington in Seattle. Not only is it the school my son Andy attends (beam, beam), but it is also a hotbed of activity around advancing people with disabilities. My long-time friend Professor Mari Ostendorf (who was a grad student with me at Stanford) was running a summer research program for engineering students with disabilities.

My talk there was on "raising the floor," my new theme around delivering access to everyone on the planet with a disability (and everybody else, too). It was well received, and I had lunch with the students and talked about disability rights and technology.

Jim Fruchterman and five students in a lab setting with computers

I also got to visit with different grad students and professors doing assistive technology research, and was quite impressed. There were several projects that I saw immediate applications to practice, and a couple that could directly help users.

These kinds of visits are really energizing. It's a reminder that we're not alone in this work: that many brilliant minds are highly engaged in these challenges. And together, we can accomplish a lot more than any one person or group!


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