Smoked Lobster Day!

When we submitted our proposal to the competition to provide accessible books to U.S. students with print disabilities, I told my team that if we won an award, I'd cook smoked lobster for the whole company.

Today's that day!

We're just three weeks into this new world for Benetech. I think we've signed up more schools and students for in the last three weeks than in the last three years! We're hiring like crazy: we have more than ten job openings posted.

We issued our first official press release about the award and immediately had a great article in the San Jose Mercury News. The same article was on the cover of the Palo Alto Daily News with a great picture of Claire O'Brien, our newly promoted Collection Development Manager, scanning a book. 99,999 more books to go!

So, as we celebrate this great award, we're also busy thinking about how we will dramatically improve the availability of quality textbooks and education materials to students with print disabilities. It's a great challenge, and an honor to be able to serve.


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