Going to South India

In April I'll be heading for Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu state in India. The main reason is to attend the National Seminar on Print Access for All, being held at the Indian Institute of Technology Madras. Madras is the old name of Chennai.

The seminar has been organized by a steering committee led by N. Krishnaswamy, the Chairman of Vidya Vrikshah. I'm actually on the committee, too. It should be a great day talking about improving access to print for the community of people with disabilities in India. I've pasted in some of the invitation below.

Look forward to blogging more from India next month!

The Steering Committee
of the
National Seminar on Print Access For All
has pleasure in inviting you to participate in the Seminar.

The Seminar to be held on Saturday, the 19th April, 2008 at
the Auditorium, ICSR Building, Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai.

Shri T.S.Krishnamurthy
Former Chief Election Commissioner of India
has kindly consented to preside and inaugurate the Seminar.

N.Krishnaswamy, Seminar Coordinator,
Members of the Steering Committee
N.Ravi, Editor, The Hindu, Chennai
S.Ramakrishnan, Director-General, C-DAC, Pune
James Fruchterman, CEO, Bookshare, USA
Geeta Dharmarajan, Exec. Director, Katha, New Delhi
N.Krishnaswamy IPS (Retd), Chairman, Vidya Vrikshah


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