A Romance on Three Legs

I've had the pleasure of knowing Katie Hafner, New York Times reporter and author, for at least five years. She generally writes on tech topics, so I was interested to see her latest book on the famous pianist Glenn Gould, A Romance on Three Legs.

As a geek, it feels good to see some of the oddities of tech people translated into the music world. Gould was a real character: maybe even stranger than my Caltech classmates. But, brilliant of course.

A significant character in the book is the blind piano tuner, Verne Edquist. I had no guess that reading my first Hafner piece on music I'd be getting a window on what it was like to be a visually impaired kid growing up in the prairie during the Depression. So, it's a book about unusual people and technology (in this case, a unique Steinway that Glenn Gould loves and Verne tunes).

I'm enjoying the book a lot and look forward to adding it to Bookshare.org after my wife reads it (actually, I bought it for her because she's the concert pianist in our family!).


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