Just had a chance to meet Dale Ferrario, the founder and President of an innovative nonprofit social enterprise called FreshBrain. I'm always excited about finding out about a new idea that's already gaining traction.
  • FreshBrain is focused on an important problem - filling the gap in the education that our teens receive, specifically in the area of 21st Century Skills. Skills around technology, creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration. Skills that they will needed to be successful in our future workplace and ever evolving global economy.
  • Their website,, provides a social networking based platform where teens can innovate, create and share using a variety of technologies. A project based environment where they can interact with others, pursue their passion, learn, and have fun doing it.
  • FreshBrain is already making great progress. They reached over 270,000 teens last year primarily on the open internet and have the goal to reach 2,000,000 this year. They plan on doing this through continued efforts on the open internet along with an major emphasis on use by schools and after school programs.
  • FreshBrain has fostered some impressive partnerships with companies like Sun Microsystems and T-Mobile, and relationships with groups such as Boys & Girls Club, Governors Office of Economic Development (Utah Schools) and the Girl Scouts.
I'm looking forward to tracking their progress!


Dale Ferrario said…
Thanks Jim!

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