Bookshare user on the leading literary edge!

This comment came to our volunteer email list today, and I got permission to repost. It captures the power of Bookshare so well:

Just had to share this with you guys. My husband went out to dinner last night with a friend. His friend mentioned that my husband really ought to look into getting a Kindle for me, so I could read what everybody else is reading (a Kindle probably wouldn't work for me, but the thought was kind).

So my husband told his friend about Bookshare, and how Bookshare staff and volunteers and outsourcers get books scanned and proofed and available. His friend said that sounded nice but thought that if I wanted to have access to current books and a wide variety, I really needed a Kindle.

Chuckle. My husband asked his friend for an example, and his friend gave him the name of a newish and off-the-beaten path book. Guess what? I'd already downloaded it from Bookshare and read it, and my husband knew that because I'd mentioned the title to him, and told him that I have to buy him a copy so he can read it too because I know he'll enjoy it.

It just made my day. Five years ago there is no way I could even carry on a conversation with our friends about what they were reading without being terribly frustrated about all the books I couldn't get. Now, I can read books that are newly published as fast as or even before our friends. What a difference!

Thank you, Bookshare and volunteers!



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