President's Update: the Benetech Report

My latest President's Update is up on the Benetech website. This update spotlights our new Benetech report celebrating twenty (!) years of technology serving humanity.

When I first started Benetech, I never dreamed that we would actually be where we are today. Through the generosity of our committed supporters, Benetech has had remarkable success and I am proud of our impact in the fields of disability, human rights and the environment.

Our report asks the question “How many people can a single idea help?” This is a question we ask every day at Benetech. As a technology company where social benefit—not profit—is the bottom line, we believe the knowledge is readily available to solve many of humanity’s most vexing problems. Our innovative solutions take the best of existing technology and adapt it at low cost to confront these challenges. In this time of social conflict, environmental destruction and economic uncertainty, the need for such a strategy has never been greater.

We’re looking forward to strengthening and growing our work in the coming years. Global society pays a high price when we do not use our assets to address pressing needs, simply because such uses are insufficiently profitable. Benetech is committed to filling that gap by applying technology solutions to help people who often need this technology the most, but are least able to afford it. With better access to the benefits of science, technology and knowledge, we can imagine massive payoffs in education, economic development, health and democracy.

I hope you will take a look at our report.

We are proud to bring our technology expertise to places where it is needed most and serve people who are working hard to make this a more just, equitable and peaceful world. And we are grateful we can count on our friends and partners like you, to help bring about this vision. Thank you for your continued support, and I look forward to keeping you posted of our progress!


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