The New Miradi

Benetech is committed to developing technology for underserved communities that can reap big benefits from improved access to information. So we’re especially proud to announce the launch of Miradi version 3, the enhanced version of our user-friendly environmental conservation software. Miradi gives conservation planners cutting edge tools to design, manage, monitor and learn from their projects.
Bottom of the sea with different seaweed, mollusks and anemonesThe new Miradi 3 release offers a powerful work planning interface that lets users forecast expenses, develop budgets, and export project data to donor reports. The software also helps conservation teams prioritize environmental threats, develop objectives and actions, and select monitoring indicators to assess the effectiveness of their strategies. Miradi is the first software program designed especially by and for conservation planners based on a common set of environmental metrics. Two sea creature pictures side-by-side, left one has many appendages and right one is a crab that looks like the rocks behind itMiradi is a joint venture between Benetech and the Conservation Measures Partnership (CMP), a consortium of global environmental organizations committed to improving the practice of conservation. Core CMP members include the African Wildlife Foundation, The Nature Conservancy, Wildlife Conservation Society, and World Wide Fund for Nature/World Wildlife Fund. The new version of Miradi also supports the creation of a future central repository of shared conservation data so conservationists launching new projects can draw on the deep knowledge accumulated by these groups.
Fishing boats in a harborMiradi was built in partnership with these global conservation groups and input from users around the world. The program guides users through a series of step-by-step interview wizards, based on the Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation.

As conservationists progress through these steps, Miradi helps them define the scope of their project and design conceptual models and spatial maps of their sites.
Ytre Hvaler Najional Park emblemKosterhavet national park logoMiradi is already being used by conservation practitioners around the world to develop conceptual models for their projects and rank threats to the species and habitats they seek to protect. Environmental planners from Sweden and Norway are using Miradi to develop management plans for the Swedish Kosterhavet Marine National Park and the Ytre Hvaler National Park in Norway which share the same marine area.

These planners say that Miradi makes it much easier to report detailed biodiversity objectives to their national environmental agencies and share these goals with conservation colleagues in the neighboring park. The software also helps them present the end results of their conservation efforts to a wide variety of audiences and solicit public support for their projects. You can check out a very cool case study that includes more details about these projects here.

We regularly update our software with steady improvements: Miradi is already up to version 3.1 with new changes based on feedback from our users.


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