Incredibly Important Opening at Benetech

We're looking for someone great to take on a crucial new position at Benetech, Vice President, Fund Raising. Benetech has been expanding its impact rapidly over the last few years, and we need a dynamic executive to join our senior leadership team.

Benetech gets the majority of its funding from revenues: from product and services sales paid for by our users (or third-party payers who buy our services for our users). The remainder of our funding comes from grants and donations. But, that remainder is incredibly important. That's our rocket fuel: how we grow our impact by another integer factor and get new ventures started.

I need a senior partner to help me, our team and our board raise Benetech's profile, communicate our key messages and secure crucial resources. There are exciting new projects we could be launching today if we had more of this kind of risk capital.

So, if you know someone highly capable, who would be energized by the challenge, send them our way. A cover letter that articulates why this person wants to work for Benetech in this role and a resume is all we need.

More detailed instructions are on our Employment Opportunities web page.


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