Martus: The Next Generation

Picture of the Star Trek Next Generation bridge with Patrick Ball's face pasted in over the original captain.  Main title text is: Martus: the Next Generation. Other text bubbles talk about connecting with local partners, engaging the engines of innovation, blue skying and searching for bold new applications of technology to human rights.
Benetech brainstorms are always a treat: it's a chance for all of us to step back and imagine how much more and better we could be doing for our users. Today, Captain Patrick (Ball, not Stewart), our VP Human Rights, led a brainstorm on the next major upgrade of our Martus secure human rights database software with our human rights program team as well as key technical leaders.

The graphic above was delivered to us purporting to be our agenda. It kicked off our meeting with even greater enthusiasm. Human rights is serious work, but it always helps to be inspired!

And Jeff Klingner (who cooked this up) asked that I credit CBS Studios for the still from Star Trek: The Next Generation and for the captioning technology!


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