New Benetech Website, thanks to Skoll Foundation

Thanks to the miracle of data, you're now able to see the new Benetech website, live at! This new site is the culmination of several months work from our staff and our web development partner, Mile7. It's our first complete overhaul of the site in more than four years, and we needed to reflect the maturity and breadth of Benetech's initiatives. We're also working to articulate the passion behind Benetech, so that people who invest the time to check us out on the web get an inkling of why we're so excited about what we do. We look forward to hearing your feedback, so we can build and improve on this new foundation for Benetech's web face!

I want to specifically thank the Skoll Foundation for providing the capacity building grant that made it possible for us to get the help we needed to make this happen!


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