Counting the Human Cost in East Timor

Our Human Rights Group just released the statistical report detailing widespread and systematic violations in Timor-Leste during the period 1974-1999. This report provides additional detail to the Timorese truth commission's recently released report "Chega!" ("Enough!"). Benetech's statistical analysis establishes that at least 102,800 (+/- 11,000) Timorese died as a result of the conflict. Approximately 18,600 (+/- 1000) Timorese were killed or disappeared, while the remainder died due to hunger and illness in excess of what would be expected due to peacetime mortality.

This is core Benetech work: using science and technology to measure human rights abuse and provide careful analysis of the scale of such violations.

For more information, check these links:

Benetech's press release.

Benetech Report.

The data.


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