Extreme Makeover Goes Bookshare.org!

A Bookshare.org member is going to be featured this weekend on on TV on Extreme Makeover. Cindy, one of our volunteers, shared the following on our volunteer listserv (and she said it better than I could!):

The opening episode, two hours, of Extreme Makeover, Home Edition, features the home and family of one of our bookshare members and active volunteers, Vic Llanes.

The show is this Sunday, from 8-10 p.m. on both coasts; my guess is it will be 7 - 9 central, but you can check your local schedules. I've been in correspondence with Vic for a couple of years now. I googled and read some articles about the show after he told me about it, and it sounds as if there is going to be a lot of wonderful new technology in the house to make living easier for the family. Vic and his mom, who lives with him, are blind as a result of a [de]generative eye condition which his two daughters also have, and he has a son who is deaf. I never thought until I read one of the articles about the problems of a blind father and a deaf son communicating. One of the technologies is going to make that easier.

I'm looking forward to the show--Congratulations, Vic and family.



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