Friday, September 08, 2006

Outstanding Volunteer Scout

Our volunteers are essential to accomplishing Benetech’s mission. From time to time, I like to highlight the contributions of particular volunteers.

Today, I'd like to honor Matthew Devcich, a high school student and aspiring Eagle Scout, who chose to focus his major Scout project on Our team was delighted to work with Matthew, who was meticulous in his preparation and organization. He pulled together volunteers from his community, involved the local public library in Chantilly, Virginia, and scanned and proofread 24 books. I saw his completed project workbook, and it was impressive. The books were beautifully done as well.

Matthew, and the people he engaged to help with his projects, exemplify the values of our volunteers: people who love books and want to lower the barriers to accessing books for people who have disabilities that affect reading. They make a vibrant and effective library and deliver on our mission of access to information for everyone!

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