and Linden Labs

Second Life, the on-line parallel universe, is a controversial topic. Some folks are fanatical about it, and it's touching a lot of real world places. I was wandering by Second Life interviews onsite at Davos. At the same time, I have heard that it is overhyped and that the number of participants is exaggerated.

But, hearing something like the following story makes me feel good about Linden Labs, the folks that operated Second Life. Someone started a parody website called and the reaction of Linden Labs was to send a trademark approval letter! This runs so counter to the normal overreaching of trademark and copyright owners, like the NFL's attempt to stop a law professor from posting the snippet from the Super Bowl showing how ridiculous their copy right claims were as explained on Techdirt: DMCA Takedown For Professor Showing How Copyright Owners Exaggerate Their Rights.


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