and Lobster

We just did a site upgrade on our third in as many months. Among the dozens of improvements in this update are two that I'm particularly jazzed about. The first is the initial international changes as we take global. Users with disabilities outside the U.S. can easily see which books have global permissions, which are required when we can't rely on our copyright exemption (which only works inside the U.S.). Now that it's easy to see which books are available, we need to ensure that we add many more books with these permissions. Crucial first steps on the road to taking this service global!

The second one may not sound like a big deal, but we greatly simplified the process of signing up for for schools. This is crucial as we continue to rapidly expand into serving students. It used to take lots of handholding from Susie Mckinnon, our sales manager, for schools to sign up. Now I'm getting delighted emails from Susie about multiple schools that simply went to the website and signed up by themselves in the first day or two of the upgrade. Now, that's the way a great website is supposed to work!

What does this have to do with lobster? Not much, other than the fact that tomorrow is Mother's Day. My tradition is to make smoked lobster for my wife, Virginia, and the local newspaper, the San Jose Mercury News, was kind enough to print this fact in an article titled: What notable business leaders are doing for Mom. Oh, and they called me a notable business leader! I hope you have/had a great Mother's Day.


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