Martus Growth

Benetech has been seeing incredible growth in our Martus projects over the last year!

We now have over 60,000 bulletins which have been backed up to secure Martus servers by over 1000 users across the world. This represents 400% growth over last year. This tremendous growth is due in large part to the continued use of Martus by our partners working in Guatemala with the National Police Archive, and projects gathering data about Burma, Iraq and the Philippines. Because Martus is free and open source software that does not require users to register with Benetech, these educated estimates of users are almost certainly underreported.

As the number of organizations and users of Martus grows, it has become increasingly important for us to support product enhancements to meet the needs of these significant user groups. We just released Martus 3.1 which focused on performance enhancements for our large users. It includes a feature to notify head quarters accounts when there are new field bulletins to retrieve (useful when projects are spread across a variety of field sites), and speed enhancements for accounts with large numbers of bulletins. We will continue to add features and functionality to support our users as they scale their projects with Martus.

For more information about Martus, and to download the latest version, visit the Martus website.


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