Working to Change the World: Talk at Santa Clara University

Santa Clara University invited Bill Coleman (founder of BEA and Cassatt), Jeff Miller (VC at Redpoint Ventures) and me to speak recently on the topic of "Working to Change the World." It was a great hour of conversation around social change and the tech community's role.
Jeff Miller, Bill Coleman and Jim Fruchterman on stage
The show will be broadcast on Thursday, June 14th, on KLIV radio, 1590 AM in the Bay Area, and is also available as a video on the STS (Center for Science, Technology & Society) website. Some excerpts from the event, courtesy of STS:
Jim Fruchterman seated next to sign for SCU's Center for Science Tech & Society
“Here in Silicon Valley, we control immense wealth, immense intellectual property. We have connections, we understand how to solve problems and the world needs our involvement. My message is that the barrier to getting involved is much lower than you may think,” Fruchterman said in his opening comments.

“The University right here is putting together the ingredients. We have some of the best minds and mentors… we have the programs started. The opportunity is for us to take it to the next level. The key is not just being able to create great technologies, it is being able to make them available in a sustainable way to people around the world,” said Coleman.
Bill Coleman, seated with mic
Peggy Gibbs of Benetech was able to take some great pictures of the event: thanks, Peggy!


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