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Miradi logo, Adaptive Management Software for Conservation Projects
We're piloting our new website, which is our environmental project management software. Miradi (the new name of what we used to call the e-Adaptive Management software) has been in beta test for a while and we've gotten great feedback from all over the world from environmental practitioners.

We've just put Google Analytics on the site, and are playing with it. So, feel free to visit and check it out. Google Grants ( also did a lot of work on our Google Adwords, and searching for "Miradi" on Google brings up our ad, too.

We had a summer MBA intern from Haas Business School (at UC Berkeley), Jeff Rauenhorst, and he wrote a draft launch plan which we're just putting the finishing touches on. Next step is to review it with our partners in developing Miradi: groups like The Nature Conservancy, WCS and WWF. So, we're rolling forward towards getting version 1 out there!


lamp_user said…
I have heard a speech you gave at a conference and I am very thankful that there are people like you who put their time and effort into human rights.

Now I am looking for the software package you mentioned and maybe I can test it here in my own private lab.

Thanks again for everything you have done in the name of humanity and thank your for inspiring me and others.

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