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We just launched a major stakeholder communication initiative, at My Benetech. We've partnered with the folks from Papilia to provide user-customization of the information they receive from us. It's a place on our website where our users and supporters can sign up for the information they want.

I think of it as being similar to the social networking sites (like FaceBook or LinkedIn) where people have more control on what information gets shared with whom. In this case, we're recognizing that Benetech serves widely differing audiences. Some folks are passionate about literacy and helping people with disabilities, others about human rights, and still others about the environment. So, we now have the ability to sign up for one, two or all of our project areas.

It's also part of the professionalization of our communications (which I'm sure long term readers will notice). Telling the story of why technology matters to real people is essential to accomplishing our mission goals. By setting up a user-driven communications vehicle, we're mirroring how we design our technology projects. My goal is see more voices emerge from Benetech: to keep my founder's voice going (and still answering my own email), but to see the distinctive voices of our other leaders and projects come through. Finally, Papilia has a fully compliant opt-in structure that is based on permission-based communication. I think that's crucial to scaling in an way that reflects Benetech's values.

So, sign up and state your preferences! Benetech is up to lots of great things, and the new My Benetech part of our website will provide you a way to get just the information you want from us!


Jim Fruchterman said…
This technology didn't work out for us, so stick with the Beneblog!

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