Bookshare around the world

Bookshare is doing great. Launching the new version of the website has been exciting, and I was happy to see a great blog post on the new capabilities from the National Braille Press' blog.

We're also on a roll on many other fronts.

We recently obtained the ability to directly download books from the national accessible textbook repository for those states who appoint us to do that for the disabled students of their state.

Our staff are all over the country and the world spreading the word. While I was at the ATIA conference in Florida, our Director of Marketing was in Washington DC at another conference. Betsy Burgess got to run into Senator Harkin, who exclaimed "I love Bookshare!" For someone working in the disability field, hearing that (even secondhand!) from the number one disability advocate in the Senate was a thrill!
Senator Harkin and Betsy Burgess
But, it's not just in Washington DC. We have social enterprises all over the world doing book proofreading for Bookshare. One of our partners is in Kenya, and I recently was sent their holiday party pictures.

Daproim is an example of a cool social enteprise.

And, they're doing great work for us in Kenya, a country that has tremendous potential and needs to advance past the challenges of the last year.


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