Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights at WIPO

I'm here in Geneva for the 20th Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights meeting. This is the international forum for discussing copyright issues, and it is the body considering the Treaty for the Visually Impaired (TVI).
Eric Bridges, Anahit Galechyan, Scott LaBarre, Jim Fruchterman in back row, Jim is working on his PC and the others are listening to the translations
Jamie Love of KEI took the above picture of ACB's Eric Bridges, NFB's Scott LaBarre (and his wife Anahit Galechyan) and me at the meeting: I was busy tweeting what I was hearing at my Twitter handle of @JRandomF.

Hot issue this week are the now four proposals on solving the problem of access to print by people with print disabilities globally:
  • The TVI: the treaty sponsored originally by the World Blind Union and supported at WIPO by Brazil, Ecuador, Paraguay and Mexico. [I was one of the co-drafters of the treaty language]
  • The U.S. draft Joint Recommendation
  • The EU draft Joint Recommendation
  • The African broader Treaty draft
Look forward to updating on Twitter what's happening.


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