Martus 4.5: Lowering the Barrier to Better Information Security through Strong Crypto

Last week, the Benetech Human Rights Program released version 4.5 of Martus—our free, open source, secure information collection and management software—which includes major updates and usability improvements. Our goal is to make it far easier for groups that work with vulnerable populations keep the sensitive information they collect confidential. Having long supported human rights activists, we know the importance of confidentiality when working with victims and witnesses.

The biggest highlight of this release is that Martus 4.5 can now be configured in less than 10 minutes by anyone with basic digital literacy skills, so that even less tech-savvy users can easily and quickly implement Martus’ secure documentation capabilities with distributed backup. Martus 4.5 features a new Configuration Wizard for account setup, offering fresh look-and-feel and greatly improved user experience. Additionally, major enhancements to its architecture simplify the secure backup, sharing, and distribution of information to trusted partners.

Screenshot of the new Configuration Wizard for Martus account setup, available with the newly released version 4.5 of Martus.
Martus 4.5 can now be configured in less than 10 minutes
by anyone with basic digital literacy skills
I’d like to thank everyone on the Benetech team who has worked on this release, and express our gratitude to our programmatic partners and financial supporters who made it possible.

We’re very excited about Martus 4.5. We see it as a milestone in our continuing effort to better serve our current users as well as the larger community involved in human rights documentation, including journalists and citizen reporters. Our goal is to make the defenders of human rights stronger in their fight against injustice and abuse, and to help them uphold their commitments to protect and do no harm to the communities they serve. You can read more about Martus 4.5 in the post by our VP of Human Rights Enrique Piracés on Benetech’s Blog.


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