The Kinds of Things You can Do at the WEF Davos

Davos is more than eating, drinking, and paneling (speeches). Significant numbers of other activities are here, and they are often unusual.

Cool cars

Every year Audi offers advanced driving courses. This year, BMW has a significant presence with its hydrogen-powered 700 series sedan. There are a handful driving around, as well as display units. Outside my hotel there is one of these, up on top of the mountain. You can ask for the chance to drive one, too!
BMW hydrogen-powered 700 series sedan, with demo woman in front in warm coat

Dialogue in the Dark
Andreas Heinecke
Andreas Heinecke is a social entrepreneur that I met over twelve years ago. He runs an experiential exhibition where you have the chance to spend a couple of hours doing everyday tasks in complete darkness, with blind people as your guides. It's obviously not the same thing as being blind, but it does prompt some reassessment of disability and ability, and for many people it's a chance to lose some of their fears about the dark (and maybe even blindness!).

Know Your Numbers

PwC runs a wellness test opportunity where they take your blood and give you a cholesterol test as well as a high blood pressure test. I thought I knew all about this subject, but I learned a tremendous amount about my particular type of lipid issues (low good cholesterol and high triglycerides). I went two levels deeper into the science of my particular issues and learned about a special test developed by UC Berkeley (an hour away from where I live). Very enlightening, and maybe will help reduce my chances of heart disease!

Funny Quote of the Day
I was in a session on disaster preparedness, and the guy next to me showed me an email on his BlackBerry. At first, it was a generic message from a WEF meeting organizer apologizing that their session had been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. However, I burst out with a snort when I read the final line:
We deeply regret this incontinence.


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