World Economic Forum - Davos 2007

It's that time of year when social entrepreneurs get to hang out and carouse with the world's leaders. I'm en route to Switzerland for two conferences (or, a pre-conference and a conference).

This is where many of the key global players from the social entrepreneurship field get together, under the auspices of Klaus and Hilde Schwab. The first event is the Schwab Foundation Social Entrepreneur Summit. Klaus is the founder and head of the WEF. And, later in the week I move to Davos for the World Economic Forum - Annual Meeting 2007.

I very much enjoy blogging from Switzerland, and sharing my experiences. I feel it's a privilege to attend, and appreciate the enthusiastic engagement social entrepreneurs receive from the most senior corporate and government leaders. The leaders who take a week out to attend Davos are very interested in global issues, both as these issues impact their business but also their families and the world.

This will be my fifth Davos in a row, and I am definitely far more comfortable than I was the first time. The key epiphany I had was how human the Davos attendees are. This is a chance for them to interact directly with other people without the all-encompassing cocoon that normally surrounds them.

This is a place where their concerns for their children and grandchildren can be openly expressed rather than being deemed inappropriate for polite business conversation. These are real people who yearn to be part of the solution rather than the problem.

I look forward to sharing the (nonconfidential) parts of the conversations I have, and hope that at the end of this coming week you feel slightly heartened about the future!


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