Warning: Benetech does not make grants to individuals

Bogus "Grant Letters"

If someone contacts you purporting to be from Benetech (or Grant Approval, Inc., or anyplace else) and making an unsolicited grant to you: this indeed is too good to be true. Apparently some people have received fake checks purporting to be from Benetech and requesting money in exchange for "taxes." These checks (to you) will bounce, and are not from us. And, the fraudsters don't want you to send checks to our main (and only) office here at 480 California Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94306 USA. Any other address is a scam... Plus, we don't make grants to individuals.

This is fraud. And, it's not from the real Benetech. Real nonprofits don't operate this way. This is another variation on the scams that have been around for many years.

Of course, real checks sent to our real address marked as donations are welcome. But, call us first, so we know that's what you really want to do!!


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