Jimmy Fencing

My wife Virginia and I were able to squeeze in a quick trip to Boston to see our son Jimmy fence in the Intercollegiate Fencing Championships, his last fencing tournament in college. I'm between speaking four times in Illinois on Friday (will blog about that soon) and heading to Washington DC today (Sunday) for three days of meetings around Bookshare and social entrepreneurship.
Jimmy Fruchterman in fencing gear, his face partially visible through the mask, holding his foil in front of him
Somebody captured a great picture of Jimmy (which I asked him to send me) in full fencing gear during the tourney. It was great for us to be able to spend the time with him as he gets ready to finish up college and head on to his next adventure.

Longtime Beneblog followers will know Jimmy as the author of one of the most popular Beneblog posts Jimmy Does Davos about his experiences at the World Economic Forum meeting in Davos a couple of years back. Fencing has been a lifelong passion for Jimmy and it sounds like it will continue past college: we hope so!


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