The Bookshare Bulletin

Stack of books next to text: Bookshare Bulletin, News and Events for the Bookshare Community
We've just started up a new publication, The Bookshare Bulletin. It's amazing to me how much our team has gotten done over the last year! There are easily a dozen articles in this first issue about our new website, international work and many more.

I'm quite excited about a new initiative which is the last article in the newsletter. We've now made it easy to report quality issues with Bookshare books, and we have a new wiki-style webpage where all of the reports are posted and updated as the issues are resolved. It's part of our campaign to upgrade the quality of all of our Bookshare content, and to let our users know exactly what we're doing. We think that making this completely transparent will be a big boost to our credibility, while engaging the entire Bookshare community in making our books the best they can be!


Monica Willyard said…
Jim, I really like the new wiki for reporting book quality issues. It lets us all see what's been reported and helps volunteers to know what books might need to be replaced or purchased for Bookshare to scan. This is one of those ideas that seem obvious but make things so much nicer. :) Way to go Bookshare staff!

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