I am Potential

Our Bookshare.org team is delighted that we've just added I Am Potential, by Patrick Henry Hughes to the Bookshare.org collection. Patrick's story is getting a lot of deserved attention nationally as a significantly disabled college student who hasn't let disabilities stop him from pursuing his dreams.
What is even cooler is that Perseus Books, Patrick's publisher, reached out to us during the production process to make sure that the book was available to people with print disabilities. Even coolerer (I know that's not a word, but this is a blog so it's ok), is that Bookshare.org is plugged on the copyright page of the print book with the phrase:
Alternate editions for the visually impaired are available through Benetech at www.benetech.org
So, Bookshare.org users are invited to check out Patrick's book, and everybody else who's interested should buy a copy! And, thank you to Perseus Books for going the extra mile in ensuring this book is available to everybody.


rgm2007 said…
Coolerer may not be a word, but it is on a t-shirt:

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