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Bookshare en Puerto Rico

Guest blog by Paddy Sullivan Hola! My name is Paddy Sullivan. I work in membership at Bookshare and I believe in bilingualism. I am lucky to be able to contribute this passion to Benetech by providing outreach and membership support in Spanish to the commonwealth of Puerto Rico. Why shouldn’t visually impaired and disabled students in the United States have easy access to the study of the languages? Why shouldn’t students in Puerto Rico benefit from our technology and services? These were the questions that inspired my relationship with Marta Sanabria, the supervisor of Special Education of Puerto Rico who invited Bookshare to perform trainings for teachers, parents and agency workers on the island. As an independent territory of the United States, the schools of Puerto Rico are subject to the same federal laws and IDEA initiatives as every school in the 50 states. From the week of March 30 to April 4, five Bookshare training sessions took place in four of the island’s Service Cente