As some of you know, we started providing newspapers and magazines through as  a prototype project with NFB's Newline project.   I just received a user email that made me excited.  I checked back and was granted permission to quote this!

Since the NFB convention in Atlanta, I've been periodically downloading the national magazines that have been made available. This morning I downloaded The New York Times. It's hard to conveny to my sighted friends what it's like to be able to sit down and read a publication as this at the same time that they've purchased the same publication. Thank you so much for your efforts and dedication. The real plus is that I can "read" the various publications without cluttering my house or recycling bin with paper.

Also thank you for the ability to download books on so many subjects. With the work of the team at Benetech and the various volunteers who scan and send the books a dream has come true for so many of us. What a treat to be able to download Bill Clinton's book on the same day that it hit the bookstores. The same is also true of the 911 report. Thanks for a job well-done.

Warmest regards from a voracious reader
Phyllis Herrington