Newsline and Grow Accessible Newspapers!

We have just announced the formal launch of our Newsline/ partnership with the National Federation of the Blind. We have 125 daily papers available for download on, thanks to NFB's work on securing agreements with newspaper publishers. This means that people with disabilities can get the daily newspaper at the same time as everybody else, and in the form they prefer: Braille, large print or synthetic speech. The release has already been published online: Blind advocacy group's 'Newsline' to grow.

This is the big disability technology week: I'm at the CSUN conference in Los Angeles right now to give a couple of talks and have a bunch of meetings. This is the biggest conference of the year, and everybody who's developing adaptive technology will be here. Our big task at is making sure that we work with everyvbody who provides access technology for text. Good news is that people are motivated, since we're the largest repository of this kind of accessible material!


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