Revolution Through Social Enterprise' Conference

I'm heading down to Malibu next week to give the keynote for the 'Revolution Through Social Enterprise' Conference at Pepperdine. Should be a lot of fun: it's my first visit to the Pepperdine campus.

Speaking at college campuses has to be one of the best parts of my work. Two nights ago, I spoke at the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley, in a class on social enterprise taught by my buddy Jim Schorr, former CEO of Juma Ventures. Like many other classes in social entrepreneurship, it's way oversubscribed. The amount of enthusiasm on campuses for socially relevant learning is terrific, and gives me great confidence for the future of the movement.

Coming up just in the next month, I'm also giving talks at Stanford and Kellogg Business School(at Northwestern), and trying to schedule talks lots of other places in the not so distant future.


Kelsey Jae said…
Hi! I am a Pepperdine Law student who attended this amazing conference. I am interested in knowing more about the pricing v. donating issue. Can you suggest some sources? Thanks!
Jim Fruchterman said…
Good question. Most of my sources are from experience, but I know there's more material in the foregin aid reform movement. If you value something at zero, most people will follow your lead. Tech abandonment rates (% of people still using a tech product one year after acquisition) are often over 50% on donated products, whereas they were under 10% for our priced products (including those provided at less than cost). The free software people have run into big problems in Africa because people assume there's a trick when something of claimed value is provided free.

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