GreenDimes: Stops Junk Mail.

One of the most important gifts I'm celebrating this holiday season are the things I didn't get: many, many pounds of junk mail catalogs, many of them duplicates. And, it's accomplished through a great social venture: GreenDimes, whose motto is
Stop Junk Mail. Save Trees and Help the Environment
Greendimes automates the process of taking yourself off of mailing lists with a simple web application. There are actually a few catalogs we like getting, but that represented less than 5% of the junk mail we get, and we can keep getting those. Greendimes works through the hoops you have to jump through: a few of the direct mailing associations make it hard and require a postcard to be sent in for each address requesting exclusion. So, the Greendimes folks mailed us the postcards to sign and send in. And, they do battle with unreasonable junk mailers on our behalf (apparently Victoria's Secret is the worst). It's a terrific service, and I'm sure it's made a major impact on the environment!


Ben said…

Just happened on your blog today for the first time. Already signed on with Green Dimes, thanks to you. Also just read your blog of our breakfast in January. Am presenting the Poool concept -- modified -- to the NYC DofT in a couple of weeks.

Happy New York,

Ben Rosen

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