New Orleans here I come! The Social Enterprise Summit 2009

I'm getting ready to head to the Social Enterprise Summit 2009 next month in New Orleans. I'm especially excited about the significant focus on public policy and advocacy for social entrepreneurship. We were lucky to have the support of the Surdna Foundation for a policy-specific conference track.

Social Enterprise Summit Tenth Anniversary New Orleans April 15-17, 2009
Experienced practitioners tend to engage at levels above their specific organization. For me, it's about advancing the movement. It's crystal clear to me that the creativity of social enterprisers is essential to bringing us out of this current economic and social hole we're in.

With President Obama expected to launch a new White House Office of Social Innovation, this seems like an opportune moment to get together with leaders from the social enterprise movement to help influence the national and international agenda!

If this gets you interested, I hope to see you in New Orleans!


Anonymous said…
This seems a very exciting time to be in the USA. As you know I left 22 years ago to come to the UK, and it has seemed that much of the social innovation was happening here. I am encouraged by the prospect of an Office for Social Innovation in the Obama Administration and look forward to what it will do--heaven knows its efforts are badly needed. I also think there is much going on in Continental Europe and Asia that is often overlooked. Good luck in New Orleans--I am with you in spirit!

Rodney Schwartz

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