A shining example of quality (and fast!) Volunteer work

I get great emails all the time, but this one needed to be posted right away!


From: Rick Costa
Sent: Thursday, August 20, 2009 3:26 PM
To: Bookshare Team
Subject: A shining example of quality (and fast!) Volunteer work

Hello Bookshare Team,

"The Adventures Of Eddy And Teddy Too Teff"
by Lorraine Wooding

was given to Robin Seaman by the author was very eager to have it in our collection.

Well it is -- thanks to Carrie, who approved it this afternoon!

And a very special thanks to one of our new Volunteers:
Laurie Bechtler
Laurie cradling book
For those who missed Pavi's Volunteer Appreciation Event on Tuesday, Laurie attended as one of the volunteers.

When speaking about her, I forgot to give her this book, which earlier that day she'd agreed to proof next. [I gave it to her and then] She took the book home Tuesday afternoon.
(She'd just finished proofing a priority book: a B4E high school textbook requested by a teacher!).

This afternoon Laurie uploaded the book to the Approval Queue, and Carrie and I just looked at her proof -- it's beautiful!

Not only is the quality high, it was done fast (48 hrs!).

Because the font was non-standard, it would be about as much work to chop & scan the book as it would be to type it, so Laurie typed in the 46 pages.

And because the words from each character were color coded, she had to add the speaker's names to each snippet of conversation by the various characters.

Here's a link to this new book in our library:

Bookshare Lab


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